Has anyone seen my sack of Potatoes?


I'm currently at my lightest weight for over 20 years having lost more than 25 kilos (the same as a sack of potatoes). The difference this has made has been astounding. After being so overweight for so long you forget what it feels like not to have every movement be an effort, and I still have another 35 kilos to go to get to my target weight! I think another year should do it, even if the weight loss does slow down the more I lose or if I get too relaxed (as happened last month) about portion sizes and the amount of cheese, nuts and dark chocolate I occasionally consume! 

After taking probably 90% of my clothes to the recycling centre this week I'll be looking to buy some natty threads for the next tour (lol) - just joking, probably black jeans and t-shirts again. 

The 90 minutes of walking a day combined with cutting out refined sugars, ready meals and most alcohol while limiting my overall carb intake are probably the things that are still making the most difference to my weight loss.It's not always possible to keep the momentum up when dieting but I really think a week or two of not losing weight isn't the end of the world. It really is a long term change you have to make if it's going to stick. 

In the current state of the world it's easy to succumb to the 'pandemic blues' and I think losing weight is my way of taking the opportunity to make a very positive change in my life and not to give in to those feelings. Even with all uncertainty about the future, I'm very optimistic about the making of the new Marillion album, my 'Revontulet' solo album and a couple of other projects I've started work on. I can't wait to play live again, both with Marillion and the Steve Rothery Band.