Revontulet - the latest news

I had planned on launching the crowdfunding campaign for the Revontulet album at the end of September, but I've decided to delay it, at least a few months, as my progress with the album has slowed down somewhat, mainly as a consequence of my return to the studio with Marillion last month. 

Marillion will always be my first priority and focus so it's a case of me finding the free time over the next few months so I can move the album forward again. I really want this to be something very special. 

The pandemic has affected us all and I've focused a lot of my time and energy on being healthy and losing weight. It's been hard to maintain the creative momentum sometimes as it's a such a depressing situation we all face, but I am starting to feel positive about the future. Hopefully, we're not too far away from a vaccine being approved and made generally available and the world can slowly return to normal. I'm planning to release the album either before or after the summer next year (whichever one doesn't clash with the timetable of the new Marillion album). And I'm still hoping to have playbacks at various planetariums around the world if there's enough interest. 

I do appreciate the economic realities of how the pandemic has affected most people. I've created a survey to help me understand exactly what people would like in terms of content and format for the new album. I'm hoping to license some spectacular time-lapse video content but it is expensive, and if only a few people are interested in a Blue-ray release (with a photo book and 5.1 audio etc) due to the cost, then I'll reconsider that option. 

The response to the 'La Silla' track and the snippet from 'Moonrise over Paranal' has been phenomenal and I really want to create the best album possible. 

Here's the link for the survey, if you haven't already taken part 

And if you haven't heard anything yet 
La Silla 
Moonrise over Paranal 

You can buy the download of the full version of La Silla at

Stay safe and sane and see you on the other side!